An onshore development center offers advantages of proximity, better/faster communication, and a nimbler team alignment. This helps build a culture that aligns with the client’s, which becomes increasingly important as more organizations move towards Agile.

While offshore resources may cost less per headcount, onshore teams can deliver projects with fewer staff, closing the cost gap. We often see two or three offshore workers being replaced by one onshore worker in our development centers.

Why evaluate an onshore option?

No matter the stage that your company is in, there will always be a need to deliver projects on time, on budget, and with high quality. As companies move towards Agile, teams will need to find ways to get more done with less.

Leveraging an onshore team removes tasks from overloaded managers by handing the majority (if not all) of the hiring and onboarding activities. This includes: overall project management, interviewing, making offers, handling candidate rejection and counter offers, running background investigations, reallocating team members based on skill and functional background, and running point on performance review and coaching activities.

Simply put, implementing an onshore development center provides more transparency, easier access, and more flexibility than offshore models typically offer.

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